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The Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) industry is evolving in the direction of more resident involvement. This is manifesting itself in greater resident participation in decision making through representation on provider boards of directors and improved communication between providers and residents. This is exciting and challenging because of the newly created responsibilities that resident volunteers must assume.

CALCRA's basic purpose is to enhance the quality of life and financial security of CCRC residents. CALCRA has responded to this challenge by aiming to create a climate of cooperation between management and residents. This goal can only be achieved through trust. In order to establish trust, providers must have an open relationship with their residents. This includes considering mutual concerns and suggestions respectfully with an open mind and providing full disclosure of all financial and non-financial data.

Residents choose to live in CCRCs for many reasons: To be near family, to feel secure that their future needs will be met and to avoid being a burden on their children. Providing for physical, mental and spiritual aspects of resident's lives is what providers offer and what residents buy when the contract is signed. The contract implies a partnership. Partnerships are successful only when, in this case, residents are involved in the decision-making that affects their lives. Involvement in this process allows residents to feel valued and respected, not just as objects to be cared for under terms of the contract